Visa for Music – 6th edition

The jury/consultant of this edition is composed of five members: Nathalie Mefe - Amine Hamma - Imed Alibi - Rania Elias - Kabubi Herman The artists official selection will be announced in July. Stay tuned!2...

Songlines: safar Top Of The World 2015

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Imed Played in

Wasla festival Dubai Carthage festival Tour Morocco 2016 Womad festival(Australia,New Zealand 2014) Womad Charlton Park(2014) ​​​Festival Amman(Jordan 2013) Cairo festival,Istanbul(Babylon,Sanaat 2013,2014) Radio France festival (2014) Domicil (Dortmund) Couleur Café Festival (Brussels 2012) India Tour (Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi… ) France Tour (Emel Mathlouthi 2012 2013) Tetouan,Agadir,Casablanca,Essaouira,Aljadida.. ( Emel Mathlouthi Morocco Tour , 2013) Folk Music Festival (Vancouver 2010) Wassermusik Festival...