FRIGYA (live @Music Meeting 2024)

The exciting meeting between an unmatched Tunisian percussionist and an incredible French producer The love for North African music unites this exceptional duo. Samples of traditional instruments and singing are mixed into a vibrant dance trip.
00:00 Intro 07:44 Harja 3:58 Rihla  Imed Alibi – percussion, Khalil Epi
– keys, electronics In a wonderfully flowing, actually self-evident way, the contemporary beats of Khalil Epi enter into a beautiful, but above all exciting dialogue with the unimaginably virtuosic and ferociously grooving percussion of Imed Alibi, and with the old, very penetrating folk musical sounds that Epi produces out of his keys and mixing consoles. Khalil EPI, coming from the Tunisian alternative music scene, is a multi-instrumentalist and composer try to destroy barriers of the unique style. On an electronic background, he draws his influences from various music worldwide and, at the time, creates eclectic sounds. Tunisian renowned Artist, Imed Alibi is a proficient percussionist and musician. Born in Maknassy in 1978, he started playing percussions from an early age in popular and classical North African/Middle Eastern orchestras.
Editors: Melchior Huurdeman, Aad van Nieuwkerk, Sakti Khedoe Camera & lighting: Ramon de Boer, Marijn Zurburg, Jan Rein Heitinga Sound: Marc Broer, Vera Kraaijkamp Producer: Jorinde Hiddema/Pippa Harris Director/Editing Reinier Bruijne.

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